Media Coverage

Media coverage of my research
"As recession looms, Blacks could be hardest hit" by Jon Jeter, Minnesota Spokesman Recorder. 6.22.22

"Displaced: For some at Riverchase, the search for housing remains a major challenge despite offers of help" by Ambriehl Crutchfield, WPLN. 6.14.22

"Military towns are the most racially integrated places in the U.S. Here’s why" by Sujata Gupta, ScienceNews. 2.8.22

"Jacob Faber On How A New Deal Era Program Shaped America’s Racial Geography" Hosted by Dave Chancellor, Poverty Research and Policy Podcast from the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 2.18.21

"Bank programs seek to widen the path to Black homeownership" By Troy McMullen, The Washington Post. 10.29.20

"America uprising: Scholars reflect on the death of George Floyd. Plus, 10 tips for journalists covering protests against police violence." By Clark Merrefield, Journalist's Resource. 5.6.20

"The near-certainty of a black depression" By Aaron Ross Coleman, Vox. 5.6.20

"Long Island Divided: Why Agents Steer" By Maura McDermott, Newsday. 11.17.19

"How a Group of Student Debtors Took on Their Banks—and Won" By Aaron Ross Coleman, GQ. 10.8.19

"When Your Neighborhood Gets a Corporate Rebrand" By Raechel A. Portelli, CityLab. 4.23.19

"The ‘heartbreaking’ decrease in black homeownership" By Troy McMullen, The Washington Post. 2.28.19

"A new study suggests that high college costs may have exacerbated the foreclosure crisis" By Jillian Berman, MarketWatch. 8.9.18

"Sending your kids to college increases the chances you’ll lose your house" By Andrew Van Dam, The Washington Post. 8.6.18

"It can cost more for a checking account if you’re black or Latino, study says" By Tracy Jan, The Washington Post. 6.21.18

"The Tax on Black and Brown Customers When Dealing With Community Banks" By Brentin Mock and David Montgomery, CITYLAB. 6.21.18

"What Do Real Estate Agents Have to Do With Segregation?" By Katie Moritz, SDPB Radio. 11.8.17

"Study: NY brokers are ultra-concentrated in white and Asian neighborhoods, furthering segregation" By Nathan Tempey, Brick Underground. 10.16.17

"Estimated Gains in Home Equity Varied by Racial and Ethnic Groups before and during the Great Recession" How Housing Matters. 3.7.17

"As White Homeowners Enjoy the Fruits of the Economic Recovery, Wealthy Black Households Fall Further Behind Due to Institutional Racism" By David Love, Atlanta Black Star. 5.3.16

"Around Atlanta, the housing recovery’s great divide is in stark black and white" By Emily Badger, The Washington Post. 5.1.16

"What happened when researchers posted fake iPhone ads online from people in poor neighborhoods?" By Emily Badger, The Washington Post. 4.7.15

"Neighborhood stigma affects online transactions" Science Daily. 4.6.15

"Where You Live Could Affect How Easy It Is to Sell Your iPhone on Craigslist" Next City. 4.6.15

"No, Americans Are Not All To Blame for the Financial Crisis Exposing the big lie of the post-crash economy" By Dean Starkman, New Republic. 3.9.14

"Real estate market remains biased" USA Today. 9.1.2013

"The Dramatic Racial Bias of Subprime Lending During the Housing Boom" By Emily Badger, CityLab. 8.16.13

"Getting A Loan Is Just As Easy For African-American Females As White Males, Study Shows" The Huffington Post. 8.13.13

"Minorities unfairly pushed into subprime, study finds" Mortgage Professional America Magazine. 8.12.13

After Sandy: The Seminar.” The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC New York. 6.4.13

Interviews and other media appearances
"Predatory practices past and present target Black investors" By Kimberly Adams Marketplace. 2.10.23

"Superstorm Sandy legacy: Recovery far from equal on NY shore" By Bobby Caina Calvan AP. 10.26.22

"How a Black-owned bank is closing the racial wealth gap" CNBC The Shift. 9.15.22

"Why Black Women Are More Likely to Face Eviction." By Molly Solomon and Erin Baldassari. KQED 2.21.22

"The Faces of Personal Finance Are Changing, and These Trailblazers Are Forging a More Inclusive Path." By Mallika Mitra. 2.3.22

"The National Association of Realtors Is Sorry About All the Discrimination." By Peter Robison and Noah Buhayar. Bloomberg Buisinessweek 12.21.21

"Banks fight a key part of Biden’s agenda by framing it as bad for minorities." By Hailey Fuchs. Politico 10.5.21

"What Gentrification Means for Black Homeowners." By Jacquelynn Kerubo. The New York Times 8.18.21

"Racial and Housing Inequalities with Jacob Faber." Freddie Mac Multifamily Podcast 8.18.21

"The Economics of Pandemic Disruption." GBH 8.04.21

"Built to keep Black from white: Eighty years after a segregation wall rose in Detroit, America remains divided. That's not an accident." By Erin Einhorn, NBC News, and Olivia Lewis, BridgeDetroit 7.19.21

"The future of public housing in Milwaukee is vouchers, not buildings — and that could improve housing security" By Talis Shelbourne. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal 6.25.21

"Black appraisers call out industry's racial bias and need for systemic change" By Safia Samee Ali. NBC News 6.7.21

"Does My Neighborhood Determine My Future?" Vox Glad You Asked S2 • E3 4.1.21

"The Notorious Interview: Episode 21" Hosted by Rob Hahn. Notorious ROB Podcast 3.8.21

"Why Financial Advisors of Color Matter" By Tiffany Lam-Balfour. NerdWallet 2.10.21

"Nonprofit helps Latina women address stark race, gender economic disparities amid the Covid crisis" By Sharon Epperson. CNBC 12.10.20

"Splittrat USA går till val (Divided United goes to the poll)" By Jonas Cullberg. Socionomen Dec. 2020

"'A pandemic in a pandemic': Coronavirus deepens racial gaps in America" By Matthew Lavietes, Oscar Lopez, and Ellen Wulfhorst. Reuters 8.20.20

"As Rezoning Process Relaunches, New York Seeks to “Dismantle” Inequity" By Caroline Spivack. Curbed New York 7.30.20

"Black-owned firms snubbed by city for multibillion-dollar Covid-19 contracts" By Gwen Everett and Gerald Schifman. Crain's New York Business 7.8.20

"Black communities vulnerable to 'debt traps' as key protections against payday loans removed" By Ethan Wolff-Mann and Brian Cheung. Yahoo! Finance. 7.8.20

"The Nutcracker Hustle: Why Selling Bootleg Cocktails Just Got Harder" By Margot Boyer-Dry. The New York Times 6.22.20

"Alternative financial services in the time of coronavirus: What you need to know" By Clark Merrefield. Jourlanist Resource 5.19.20

"Undercover investigation reveals evidence of unequal treatment by real estate agents" By Ann Choi, Keith Herbert, Olivia Winslow, and Arthur Browne. Newsday 11.17.19

"Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has a student debt forgiveness plan...but it’s complicated" By Annie Nova, CNBC. 7.31.19

"Bronx Food Revival Is Rewriting The Playbook On Gentrification" By Richard Morgan, The Salt: NPR. 10.26.18

"A Revival of Black Business, and Pride, in Brooklyn" By Richard Morgan, The New York Times. 6.17.18

"When Gentrification Is a Mental Health Issue" By Marcia Robiou, CityLab 3.27.18

"Trump's Urban Agenda" NY1 Inside City Hall. 12.7.16